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My name is Marie-Claire. I’m the founder of Acne Expert Skincare, and an entrepreneur with an inspiring journey about immigrating from Haiti as a teen mother, raising my son Dominique who is autistic and epileptic, from welfare, to homelessness to bankruptcy to feeling unworthy and ashamed... and eventually finding my path and becoming the CEO of a multi million dollar beauty business in Beverly Hills. Today, my sales top over $207,000 monthly and I have become a sought-after beauty and lifestyle expert.

My proudest accomplishment occurred in August 2020, when I moved my son from a group home into his own 2 bedroom apartment, complete with full-time, live-in  care. Years of struggling to care for him as a single mother had inspired me to become an entrepreneur. Today, I feel beyond blessed to provide him care and independence as an adult.

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My Purpose

My success isn’t simply the result of selling the right products, “niching” or learning about the right marketing strategies. I believe people feel my passion for my work, and for living a life of joy, and abundance that we all can share.


I’ve developed a heart-felt spiritual practice that has sustained me since arriving here from Haiti, 16-years-old and pregnant. This practice has been a major part of my success. 


After years of struggling alone to raise my autistic son, I learned to abandon fear and shame, acknowledge my worth, and choose instead to embrace challenges as stepping stones on the path to an amazing life.

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